Make Up Tip: Make It Last

We’ve all been there before. Running late for work, rushing to put your make up on and you realize that your mascara is drying out. 
If not, you may be one of those women whose mascara is running low, or getting clunky, and you think to yourself – Didn’t I just buy this? 
Well here’s a quick tip to make it last:
If you have eye drops or contact solution add 4-5 drops to the bottle, stir, and your mascara will be like NEW! 
Get a mug, fill it with hot water, and sit the mascara in there for 5-7 minutes. The heat will loosen and make it like a fresh tube of mascara.
Hope this helps! Comment below and share any home remedies you may have. 
~DeAnna James~
(Photo by So Sue Me)

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