Six Tips for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is extremely important for any brand, because when done correctly, it drives brand awareness across the appropriate channels and audience. With that being said, I recently came across a free e-book on socialmedia today that outlines “Six Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy.” 

The steps are as follows: 

  • Get Stakeholder Support: Stakeholder support is important whether it’s for credibility and/or financial support. One of the best ways to gain this support is to identify a targeted group, that you will reach out to, and determine how your brand will benefit this group and/or help achieve their mission. 
  • Understand Your Audience:  I cannot say this enough times. It is extremely important to understand your audience. You have to know what they want to see, what content they will share, and what they want to know about your brand – in order to keep them interested and gain their trust.  
  • Identify the Right Content Formula: “Content marketing is about helping your current and future (supporters) solve an issue that’s important to them.” You have to determine what content your supporters want. Period. 
  • Create an Editorial Calendar: If you’re unfamiliar with an editorial calendar, it is typically an excel document that outlines either week by week or month by month the type of content that you will share across your brand’s social channels/websites. The calendar is usually aligned with upcoming holidays, etc. and is a great step at being ahead and consistent with content sharing. 
  • Get Maximum Mileage Out of Your Content:  It’s better to use a great piece of content across multiple channels than to just crowd the internet with tons of content. Remember that. 
  • Develop a Process for Measuring and Reporting: This depends on your brand, but if you are involved in consumer sales or have clients, it is important to measure increased sales and revenue. 

Download the full e-book to get more detailed information and tips on the steps mentioned above. Comment below with any questions, and we’ll be sure to address them. Hope this helps! 

~Jaleesa Lashay~


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