Business Tip: Life After Graduation

It’s graduation season! A great time for those who have worked hard over the past four years.  Whether at a community college or a prestigious university, the fact remains that college is not easy…..and to be honest…life after college isn’t so easy either.

Mashable recently published an article entitled “Figuring Things Out: The First Year After Graduation.” The reporter, Ryan Lytle asked the Mashable community to describe their first year after college in three words, and their answers made me reflect on how this past year has been for me.

I graduated from Spelman College early December 2012, had my graduation ceremony in May 2013, and had to go to work in crisis management for the number one agency the following week.

Because, this year has been such a challenging one, I decided to list out a few of the responses taken from Mashable, and provide personal insight based on my experience.

  • “There’s No Money:” This could not be more factual. I mean, there is money. I guess I drive a new car, and have a nice apartment, and have money for travel. BUT I also starve. I’m partially joking, but one of the toughest challenges is managing your money after college. I recommend, saving that money you spend at the bar and on dinner to travel the world, and prioritize. I also recommend establishing credit – I specifically recommend the American Express Delta Rewards card. Actually, any American Express card (Note: they are hard to get approved for if you do not have established credit).
  • “Bills. Bills. Bills.” Car, Rent, Credit Card, Student Loans, Cable, Insurance. PERIOD.
  • “What is This:” The best way to sum this up is simply to say…you basically live in an imaginary world for four years that doesn’t exist outside of your college campus. Learn that now, and get over it.
  • “Not Worth It.” I am extremely grateful for my college experience, it helped shape me to be the woman that I am today; however, once you realize how much less time you have – you become more productive (hopefully), and you realize that all of the time you spent in college doing nothing, could have been spent thinking of a new business.
  • “Studying is Easier.” Yep. Thinking that everyone who works in corporate america just sits at their computer on Facebook all day. Not true. We actually work. Really hard…and college was way easier. You think you had deadlines in college? Wait, until you get into the real world.
  • “Crappy Apartment Vodka:” I’m not a drinker, so this doesn’t apply to me. Red wine, only. Please.
  • “No More Naps:” What is sleep? No, seriously you should not be that person up all day and night. The truth is you won’t have naps, but you shouldn’t be at work every night until 7 PM. The point is to work smarter..not harder.
  • “Ambition Paid Off:” The truth is no matter what you do after graduation, it will be a challenge. It will be emotional. It will be different than what you expected, but don’t let that take away from your celebration.

Hope this helps! Comment below and describe your first year out of college in three words.

~Jaleesa Lashay~


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