Business Tip: Learn How to Say No

As simple as it may sound, it’s something that we all need to become better at. As a business professional, regardless of your field it is important to learn how to say NO to opportunities that will hinder your business in the future. 

How do you know if something will hinder your business in the future? Here’s some key things to look out for:

1. It will be documented

In our current day and age, that means almost everything. However, if something is being recorded or published on a website, you need to be mindful of how you are representing yourself and/or your business. For example, if you want to be a publicist you should probably think twice about being the random hood chick in that music video for your homeboy that lives in the neighborhood. The videos will come back to haunt you, and as a publicist you want to ensure that you are being taken seriously.

2. It doesn’t align with your morals

Period. There is no such thing as “business is business” and “personal is personal.” They each go hand in hand, and as soon as you get the hang of this, you will make progress toward being a better professional. For example, I am not a fan of reality television. Yes, I watch Love and Hip Hop, but even then it doesn’t feel right. I say that to say, that if I was presented with an opportunity to interview Draya or Joseline for example. I wouldn’t, because it’s not something that I agree with morally.

3. It will burn bridges

As an entrepreneur, artist, student whatever field you’re in. It is important to not burn any bridges, especially ones that could potentially affect your business. Avoid hanging with the wrong people, learn what a person’s reputation is before you decide to kick it with them. Know all that you need to know, and make sure that you are cordial with everyone, because you never know who will be your future business partner. It’s nothing worse than burning a bridge that you have to cross over later. Don’t do it. 

Those are a few tips that I hope you find helpful. Overall, you should always trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right or you think that it will hurt your brand in the future. Don’t do it, because it isn’t worth it and you do not want to be a millionaire about to close a huge deal, and that’s tarnished because of something you did in the past.

ALWAYS think about the future. Shoot, there’s certain men I haven’t given a shot in life just because I knew I am going to be somebody, and when I do become somebody I do not want him to be able to say he “hit this.” 

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~Jaleesa Lashay~


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