Lauryn Hill and T.I. Release New Music Addressing Racial Discrimination

I’ve been wanting to write a post about racial discrimination, and what has been going on in our country for too long now, but I haven’t been able to put my thoughts on paper. Each and every time I make an attempt, I am full of anger and emotions that I can’t control. Emotions that I am unable to eloquently convey to this audience.

The truth is that racial discrimination has been going on since slavery ended. We are all aware of that, we are aware of the systems that have been put in place to devalue the black life. To keep minorities unemployed, to limit our education and opportunities. We are aware that black people struggle to know our worth, because we have been indirectly told that we are worth nothing since we were born. We are aware that black on black crime is not a VALID issue to discuss, because there are so many factors that contribute to this violence. Factors that HAVE to be acknowledged. Oh, and not to mention the fact that white on white crime is just as common. We are aware that every black person is not going to contribute to our progression – you don’t have to remind us. However, that is not the discussion for today – and we need to remind ourselves of that. 

Today, I attempt to share my thoughts – and I still struggle. As a 23 year-old black woman from the south Bronx, educated at Spelman College – an HBCU – and now working in corporate America. I still struggle to share my thoughts. As a puerto rican woman – a part of the same African-diaspora as my fellow black people, who has to raise black children one day…yes I struggle to find the words to say. FORGIVE ME.

T.I. and Lauryn Hill recently released two tracks that discuss racial discrimination in light of all that has recently happened with Ferguson, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, etc. The songs make a great attempt to express our sentiments as a people, and I am proud of both artists for doing so. Art is a means of expression – and through both songs – each artist expresses clear feelings that we as a people are experiencing.

Listen to the songs below – and let me know what you think. Overall, I think its time for us to make sure that we are ready so that we don’t have to get ready. I’ll take my GOD, my gun..and my rights. Thank you.

~Jaleesa Lashay~

(Photo credit: International Business Times UK)

FYI: Lauryn Hill originally performed “Black Rage” in 2012 according to 2DopeBoyz.

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