Reflection #10: Changing Seasons

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” (Ecclesiastes 3)

The tree knows its timing… It knows when it is time to let go of its all for renewal.

We witness the wonder of it all. We marvel at the tender green leaves that sing choruses of love in the spring and summer breeze, even the leaves’ presentation of brilliant colors and dancing- it’s fall fashion show. Yet something moves in us as we experience the ominous wind come, which appears to strip the tree of all its majestic glory.  We feel a gentle yet brisk air that envelops us and warns of a cold front approaching. 

THE TIMING OF THE TREE AND ITS LEAVES GIVES US A FLAWLESS EXAMPLE OF WHEN TO LET GO… Trees let go of their dying leaves and go dormant to store energy to become stronger. Why do we as women expend all of our energy to hold onto something that is not meant?  All of creation has a rhythm, nature has its irrefutable timing which includes you my love…

As humans we tend to want to be in control of it all. I’m guilty of it. When I want something, I have to have it even if the reality doesn’t align with my future intentions and well-being. I decide, “The  timing is now and  patience will make me lose out on the opportunity of what I want.” That might work in business but love is a completely different entity.  In our attempts to control every endeavor of love we fail to realize that we become increasingly out of control.

My adoration of love made me a complete control freak but I couldn’t see that. As I look back I realize being a control freak is more in line with obsession not adoration. In the midst of a storm we fail to see ourselves, we just focus on controlling the storm rather than getting out of it.

I remember the time he sat on the porch with me on a midsummer day just before the fall semester  began.  I remember the sweat running down my palms as he told me what I refused to hear. 

Yes baby I know you are telling me the truths of your heart but I cannot and will not hear you! This is not part of the love story I have created in my heart and mind for us!  Why are you telling me you are not good enough for me and that I should move on? This is just a rough patch. No worries. This will last. We just have to work at it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy just let me be your teacher. Learn from me, let my heart teach you the ways of love. I will do this with you just don’t tell me the truth…don’t tell me to move on…just don’t say it!  

Tears running down my cheeks, mouth watering, eyes pierced and focused on the cross that was in front of us. He told me his truths that I could not accept… Control. Attempting to control the changing of seasons can and will devastate you because it is truly an impossible thing to do. 

I could not think of myself as being alone-without him during that season of my life. Throw it all away? Let it go? But we grew together. I don’t want anybody but you… I was afraid to let go of the branch that had one time stabilized me. Yes, I too feared change.  

Ladies, listen to me when I say, LET GO. When your life does not mirror the beauty of love that your heart desires then STOP. Do not let the cycle of hurt, tears, pain and depression reoccur. You know the saying, that’s insanity!  How? Let go of the control. Let go of the pain and prepare yourself for your renewal. How? Take reality checks for yourself and make your mental stability your priority. You must find your own happiness and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR PEACE AND YOURSELF… 

Embracing my peace kept me during the lonely times. Like a tree, I remained dormant and I grew stronger. Like a tree I learned to take a stand for my peace and balance (this is not easy but neither is being broken).  I have been there and honestly I still have my moments. We all want the same things to a degree.

Sometimes I just want a true friend, someone I can flirt with, talk to, watch a movie with and just share my heart with (I promised to keep it real).  But I’ve learned a few things; everything in its due season!  My sisters when your love is pure, it is priceless and only deserving of a King… So as I encourage you I encourage myself. You are not alone, don’t let society’s statistics and foolish male to female ratios discourage you. Forget those numbers, you only need one soulmate. You are a Queen and all creation will bend and sway so that your King will come to you. Have the faith to believe that his love is staying pure just for you, he’s building an empire for you and waiting for the day your souls meet. No fairy tales, no fantasies, no pipe dreams and no more lies. That day I claim for you and with these words I claim a happily ever after that starts with you.  Pay close attention to trees… 

I love you and I am always thinking of you…


(Photo credit: Dawn Ellner)


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