Yelawolf – Til It’s Gone [Updated Video]

If you’re a fan of “Sons of Anarchy,” which you should be – then you may have heard this song on a recent episode. Yelawolf “Til It’s Gone,” is one of those records that you feel deep in your soul – that ignites a certain level of anger within your heart.

For starters the lyrics are deep, and touch on the pressure a man – or woman for that matter feels when he or she is the main provider. On the chorus, he sings:

“Ain’t much I can do, but I do what I can. But I’m not a fool, there’s no need to pretend. Just because you got yourself in some sh*t. It doesn’t mean I have to come deal with it. You handle your own when you become a man, and become a man when you handle your own. Ain’t much I can do, but I’ll do what I can. But what can I do, if I do til’ it’s gone.” 

It’s definitely one of those songs that you want to listen to when you’re feeling frustrated and/or discouraged with all that is going on in your busy life.

Listen to “Til’ It’s Gone” below and keep your head up!

~Jaleesa Lashay~

Updated: Yelawolf recently released the music video for the track. Watch it below!

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