Chloe Howard Deals with Relationships Through Self-Discovery

It takes an abundance of courage and a certain level of self-comfort for a woman to openly discuss heartache. To discuss relationships that have brought her pain, infidelity that caused embarrassment, and even her sexuality. Chloe Howard has just the right amount, and in only a few months has inspired women to take a journey toward self-discovery.

“Finding Me Before He” is not a blog intended to male-bash. The blog aims to help women fall in love with themselves, and the world, rather than getting lost in intimate relationships.

“Through my exploration, I honestly found myself. I found everything that I loved, and honestly I found a lot of things that I didn’t think I loved,” Howard said.

The most inspirational thing about her blog, is that it’s comprised of personal stories. Howard in full transparency, shares her experiences with the world, and in it makes herself more vulnerable – a feeling that women tend to stray away from after a breakup. However, she grew up in a New Jersey home where writing was heavily encouraged as a means to deal with issues.

“When I did my exploration, I started to document everything that I did,” Howard said, “There were some really bad moments, but rather than me calling him up, and emailing him, I said I am going to write this letter, and then let it sit, because then it’s out of my system.”

Since its July launch, “Finding Me Before He” has touched women of all ages throughout the world. Women who have shared similar experiences, but haven’t had the courage to share them with anyone else, especially the men behind their heartache.

“A lot of it brings me to tears. I didn’t realize what I was doing honestly. For women that I never met, from different countries saying ‘Chloe I’m going through this right now, as you speak and this is really helping me.’ From that, I am honored, and I’m just so happy that I can tell you ‘girl, get it together now,” Howard said.

In a world full of women dealing with personal issues on our own, hiding it from the rest of the world, sometimes all we need is for another woman to share her story. To show that we are not alone, and that in the end it’s all about self-discovery. Whether you’re single or in a relationship. To find “me” before “he,” that is the goal – that is what leads to true happiness.  

~Jaleesa Lashay~

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