Product Review: Ouidad and Camille Rose

I stayed away from both of these for a while (mainly because of the price). For starters, I am not a fan of mousse, and I always assumed that’s what this Ouidad product was. Only to find out that it is one of the best leave in conditioner/styling primers ever. Please go buy this stuff, and love it now.

I absolutely love it. The Ouidad daily conditioner is able to smooth out those frizzy’s that pop up, after your hair dries following a wash. Once you put the style primer in, it literally prepares your hair for any product that you use – giving it a great detangled, moisturized base. FYI – I purchased mine at Ulta.

The Camille Rose Naturals revitalizing hair smoother is great as well. Because of the cold weather, you want to refrain from wetting your hair all the time. This hair smoother is my new go-to refresher. It’s perfect for the second, third day and so forth.

I smooth the product on my hair (curl by curl – It takes awhile to do, but the results lead to fluffy, smooth, moisturized hair.) I recommend letting your hair air dry, for the best results. FYI – I purchased this product at Target.

Both products definitely get a five star rating. Try them out, and tag me @CurlssForTheGirlss in your photos with the results.  


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