Cowherd’s Corner: #RelationshipGoals

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year holiday! I am going to start off this 2015 Cowherd’s Corner discussing the popular hashtag #relationship goals. I understand identifying and admiring someone else’s relationship, but having relationship goals like the Huxtable’s or even the Carter’s is unrealistic.

First off The Huxtable’s was a relationship on a television show, so your “relationship” goal is based off of a television script. Second, fuck around and find out that your husband is accused of something terrible, then how you gone act. As it pertains to the Carter’s, it may be “love” now, but best believe it started out as business.

As a very active Twitter user, I too have retweeted some relationship goal mentions, such as playing video games with my girl. But to see some of the most non-go getting folks retweet luxury vehicles as relationship goals, I just can’t help but to think “how Sway?” To desire what someone else has, and not understand the story or the true sacrifices they had to make is idiotic, and unproductive. There is no sense in having these goals, without a real plan of execution. Even if you have a plan, there is no proof that your plan will equate to that of the relationship goal you are interested in mimicking.

As I’m currently in a new relationship, I know that I just wanted someone to put up with my black ass and let me be me. That was a goal I could actually control, and now we can plan our goals together. To come into something new with a specific preference that stems from a Twitter hashtag, probably won’t play in your favor. Focus on the things you can control and let the rest play its course.

If you are going to have relationship goals, at least base them off of realistic expectations of what you are doing in your day to day life. Wanting and tweeting won’t secure those relationship goals, but action and execution will.

Until next time, keep your finances and emotions in order.





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