CurlssfortheGirlss: Wintertime Hair Tip

1. Co-wash more, shampoo less – use shampoo ONLY when you need to clarify and get rid of product buildup. For example: If you wash your hair every week, transition into washing it every two weeks or simply co-wash and shampoo/clarify your hair once a month. “As I Am” has a coconut co-wash that I’d recommend. The product cleanses, but also conditions curly hair.

2. Overall, during the cold winter months it is important to keep as much moisture in your hair as possible. DEEP CONDITIONING – is EXTREMELY important, but make sure you find a deep conditioner without the glycerin ingredient, because those products tend to cause breakage. I don’t have a favorite deep conditioner, as I like to try different ones every month – switch it up on ‘em.

3. Use protective styles. You don’t want to do too much stylist, but you should try to protect your hair as much as possible, especially if you don’t have time to condition and co-wash as frequently as you’d like. Top knots and buns are my go-to hairstyles. However, braids and twist like baby boo’s in the above picture are good options too. Make sure it’s not too tight though, because we have to keep them edges.
Seal with oil. Most people don’t pay attention to this step, but it is a necessary game changer. After you slap on all that moisture, the best way to make it long-lasting is through the #LOC method. Leave-in condition, oil and cream.

4. Limit Head Gear. If you don’t absolutely need it, don’t wear it! Not only will it leave you edge-less, but wearing head gear, hats, etc. also have the tendency to suck the moisture right out of your hair – especially wool products. Limiting hat use will help prevent breakage overall. If you must wear something on your head, try a loose Erykah Badu style beanie, or put your silk scarf or bonnet on under your hat to protect your hair.

I have numerous posts on my favorite products and tips that you can check out here on the blog, or by visiting my Instagram page. Leave a comment if you need more suggestions regarding products and hair methods.



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