Hair Tip: Inversion Method

Here is an all-natural method for hair growth! Using a series of different poses, you will stimulate blood flow to the scalp; ultimately encouraging rapid hair growth.

Warm up some olive oil/castor oil mix and massage your scalp for four minutes.

While sitting, drop your head between your knees like you’re painting your toes, or dip your head in the sink as if you’re about to wash your hair. You can also pose like the girl in the photo above. Some people even do handstands.

While the blood is rushing to your head, you will massage your hair with the warm oil mix. Remember not to wash the oil out for about two hours.

Do this for seven days straight, and then STOP for three consecutive weeks. If you do it too often, your hair will not respond.

I’m going to try this out because…why not? If you decide to join me, tag me in your progress pics #CurlssForTheGirlss


(Photo via Elephant Journal)

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