“Deeper than Deep” Conditioner Treatment

1. Pick your favorite deep treatment (try Shea Moisture “deep treatment masque”) and a penetrating oil like grape seed, almond, coconut or olive oil. 

2. Mix the ingredients (treatment and oil/s) together with water (just like your body, your hair needs water). 

3. I’ve never been a big fan of honey, but add a little if you prefer. Honey is a natural humectant and is known for its moisture. 

4. Put on a shower cap and chill out for an hour or eight. I normally go to sleep or keep it in my hair for two + hours, and then spend at least 30 minutes under my hooded dryer for extra penetration. 

This “Deeper than Deep” treatment should probably be done once a month; however, I would recommend once a week…ESPECIALLY if you suffer from damage, dry hair and/or currently trying to get your hair back on track like the rest of the world! 


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