Watch the Trailer for Empire [Season 2]

The first season of Fox’s Empire left quite an impression as people fell in love with the dramatic antics, controversy and personalities of the Lyon family. It’s the characters, including fan-favorite “Cookie Lyon” that made the show – with its soap opera feel – a top hit.

With season two less than a month away, Fox has released the official trailer, providing us with a preview of what’s to come. Judging from the trailer, season two will focus primarily on “Lucious Lyon’s” (Terrence Howard) experience in jail, and what that means for the “Empire.”

A lot of the tension among the family will stem from the eldest sibling, “Andre” (Trai Byers) taking control of the business while “Lucious” is incarcerated. This upcoming season will also be full of guest appearances, including from Chris Rock and Tyrese. Other celebrities that are rumored to make guest appearances, include Alicia Key and Ludacris.

Watch the trailer below.

~Jaleesa Lashay~

Side Note: Did you all know that the actor who plays Andre and the actress who plays Anika are engaged? Congratulations to Trai and Grace!

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