Havana Twist Product Details

Hey curly girls! 

So, I recently tried this Havana twist hairstyle on my best friend Spirit, and wanted to share the steps with you all to try at home. 

Step 1: I prepped the hair (which was freshly conditioned) with Shea Moisture for You “Intensive Hydration Hair Masque” with Cantu Beauty on the ends and scalp using the Tea Tree Jojoba “Scalp Oil”.

Step 2: I then, two strand twisted the hair using Dark and Lovely’s “Anti Breakage” for moisture.

Step 3: I used Eco Styler Gel and Jamaican Mango and Lime’s “Locking Firm Wax” to hold down the edges and bases of the twists.

The clamps were used to hold the twist down and smooth out the root to create a good transition between the teal hair and the braided hair. For this step, I used the Noir brand.

Overall, the prep took a little over five hours. The prepping actually took the longest amount of time, but was truly important for this protective style. Always make sure to give your hair a break while it stays moisturized and protected.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. 


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