Rihanna x Dior

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Rihanna has added another accomplishment to her long list of endorsements, with the announcement of her latest partnership with Dior.

The 27-year-old icon is the first black woman to serve as a spokesperson for the brand EVER. While that is a disappointment in itself, it comes as no surprise as many brands do not acknowledge the black consumers who contribute to their success. Hence, the reason why we need black economic empowerment, and need to support brands created by people who look like us.

BUT I digress…..

Rihanna shared a sneak peek of a photo shoot in celebration of the partnership with Dior on Instagram today. For the shoot, Rihanna stays true to her bad ass style, posing in a see-through dress and bodysuit with a nice bold lip.  

Check out more photos from the shoot below.  

~Jaleesa Lashay~

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