About Staff

ashleyBorn and raised in Harlem, N.Y., Ashley Lauren Dalton is a fashion stylist who contributes weekly tips to the site. She currently attends the Fashion Institute of  Technology and believes that her sole purpose in life is to learn the ins and outs of fashion to help and inspire women and men to feel better about themselves. Each week you will get the low down on the seasons latest trends, celebrity fashions and a look into her closet. So hold on tight to your stilettos because she’s here to run you through the process! 

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photoCowherd is a 22 year-old single male who’s been known for being a “loose cannon.” “Cowherd’s Corner” is a portal to the everyday thinking of men on many categories. Things posted will be controversial and you may not like them, but the beautiful thing about this country is you have the freedom to enjoy the rest of the site.

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Hey Curly Girls!

Kennedy is a true naturalista from Atlanta. Every week she will share information that will not only help your hair revert back to it’s beautiful natural state, but will also help retain the beautiful hair you’ve already worked so hard on. Kennedy has  been natural for over 5 years now, and has personally seen her hair go from completely damaged, to beautiful full curls with the help of these methods that she will teach you here. She will share deep penetrating conditioning methods. She will also include some helpful videos and is more than willing to answer all of your questions.  Contact kennedyatl@gmail.com witany inquiries. Follow her   .


 Chloé Howard is a 22-year-old, Jersey shore native who has travelled the world exploring her talents as a scientific scuba diver. Her personal reflections aim to provide a place for women to come and find themselves through her journey. She wants to remind them that heartbreak and healing is not the end, it is just the beginning. “Finding Me Before He.” 

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