Go-To Products: Castor Oil and More

Ladies, it is time to re-up! Pictured above is my magic potion oil concoction that I personally believe is the reason for my tremendous hair growth.

I place a half of a teaspoon of the tea tree oil. (Note: place a small amount). Pure tree oil is extremely strong, so its important to use a small amount.

With the rest of the products, I just wing it. Typically, I put more castor than anything, but that’s because Castor is the oil I spray and massage in my scalp daily. Castor is great for hair growth, and definitely one of my favorites.

Quick Tip: Purchase your spray bottle from Amazon. The one below is only $5.00.  Comment below and tell me which oils you use to massage your scalp.


Weekly Hair Tip: Signs of Breakage

Whenever I detangle my hair, I always pay attention to all of the hair that comes out in the process. Short, brittle pieces of hair (pictured above) are definitely signs of breakage. 

Here’s a quick tip to help avoid breakage. Try using a heated deep conditioner twice a week so you can really penetrate your hair with moisture, and end your days of dry scalp.

Use your favorite deep conditioner with moisturizing oil slathered on top. It is important to use MOISTURIZING oil (not all oils moisturize hair) such as Jamaican Black Castor, Jojoba, or Grape Seed oil. 

Do this twice a week and I bet you, them curls going to pop. 



Go-To Products: Curl Smoothie, Shea Butter and More

Hello Ladies!

Pictured above are two of my regular purchases: Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Cantu Shea Butter leave-in repair cream, that I thought would be helpful to share with you all. In addition, I’ve included a great conditioner by Shea moisture (sometimes they even have BOGO deals at Walgreens).

I’ve also received questions on my makeup, and decided to try new things. My skin is so wishy-washy. I’m trying L’Oreal True Match for the first time.

Side Note: My favorite drugstore lippie brand is Wet N Wild. I prefer matte lippies. The one above is called “Just Peachy.” 

Comment below and tell me which products are your favorite. 



Hair Tip: Detangle

Has anyone tried any of the Giovanni products displayed above? 

I brought the “Root 66” bottle, and it is the only one that said it detangled. If a conditioner doesn’t help my detangling process, it is a no go for me. Detangling is such an important step for length retention, and also for equally spreading products throughout your hair. 

Comment below and let me know which products are your favorite for detangling. 



Go-To Products: Shea Butter, Curl Oil and More

1. Detangle with Treseme conditioner 

2. Rinse out conditioner with cool water and apply deep treatment mask all over and put on a shower cap

3. Place heating cap on for 15 minutes with warm air at medium speed and five minutes of cool air at high speed

4. Keep mask on overnight and rinse with cold water the following morning

5. Apply Curls oil all over and section hair in two

6. Apply the Cantu Shea butter and follow with the Curl Enhancing Smoothie

7. When hair is 60 percent dry, apply a quarter size amount of the curls oil all over

Check out the results below and let me know what you think. #mygotoproducts



Stimulate Your Scalp [Video]

It is very important to stimulate your scalp DAILY! By stimulating your scalp, you encourage blood flow, which will help bring results for hair growth.

Every night, I use my favorite oil concoction to massage my scalp. I find that it’s best to use the essentials. I use the same oil mixture as a sealant also. After I co-wash my hair I spray this on. Or right after I add all my styling products. I normally use coconut oil, but coconut oil isn’t a great choice in the winter only because as soon as it gets really cold outside, the oil tends to harden. It WILL harden and make your hair feel dry so switch it up!

Inside of my spray bottle, which is shown at the end of the video below, I have included: Pure Aloe Vera Juice which helps with dry itchy scalps, reduces dandruff, and reduces frizz.

Curls Oil by Blissfull Lengths– contains essential oils such as Kukui nut oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, and mango seed butter…just to name a few.

Jamaican Castor Oil– for thinning hair. Castor oil helps with hair growth.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil– contains fatty acids that will help protect the shaft of your hair and make it stronger. Olive oil also helps with shine.

I add a little bit of water to this mixture. I put 2 teaspoons of the olive oil, 1 teaspoon of the Curls oil, 1 teaspoon of castor oil, and 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera. I also add a couple drops of tea tree oil. I forgot to put that in the video! (Sorry:/)

I concentrate my mixture on areas where my hair is thinner and then also make sure I evenly spray it in all the sections. I massage for at least 15min. You can read or watch some tv while you’re doing this girls. It’s very beneficial!! Hope this was helpful!



(Photo by HelloBeautiful.com)