New Music Video: Drunk In Love

Everyone in the world has purchased and watched Beyonce’s self-titled visual album. However, if you’ve been living in a bubble and haven’t had a chance to experience it, Bey has given you a chance, with the release of the official video to her song “Drunk in Love.”

Directed by Hype Williams, the video features Bey along with her husband Jay on the beach in Miami turnt up to the max. Bey dances around with her eyes a little low, being all seductive, and she even does one of my favorite birdish stripper moves during the chorus. Then, Jay makes a nice entrance as he doesn’t even look at the camera while Bey raps along to all of our favorite parts including “talking bout you the baddest b*tch thus far.”

Overall, a great video that captures the sexual side of Bey in a playful and fun way. 

Check out the video below for yourself and let me know what you think.

~Jaleesa Lashay~

(Photo by 2DopeBoyz)

The Playlist: Jealous x Fredo Ft. Kendrick Lamar

My guilty pleasure definitely has to be trap music from Chicago. I mean from Chief Keef, to Lil Durk, to Fredo, and the list goes on. Well, Fredo recently released a new track titled “Jealous.” The song features Kendrick Lamar and has been on repeat since I’ve first heard it. Not only do both Fredo and Kendrick go off on their verses, but Kendrick even adds some dope, hype ad libs to Fredo’s breakdown at the end of the track. This song definitely makes the Playlist.

Listen to it for yourself and let me know what you think.

~ Jaleesa Lashay ~

Throwback Thursday: J. Cole

I usually don’t participate in Throwback Thursday, but man this cutie right here just had to be included on the site. Jermaine Cole was not only adorable, but looks exactly the same. Now, I don’t know what his parents had going on with his hair, but he’s from the South so I’m not surprised. 

Now this is the type of Throwback baby photo that I wouldn’t mind seeing on my timeline. Don’t you agree? 

~Jaleesa Lashay~

(Photo by J. Cole Instagram)

Freaky Friday: August Alsina

August Alsina is our featured Freaky Friday male of the week, and trust me the title is well-deserved. Born in New Orleans, the 21 year old singer is not only attractive, but has that authentic street vibe that keeps you listening.

However, ladies be careful, the man is close friends with Trey Songz and I’m convinced that two fine men like that just have to get into trouble when they go out. I will say, that New Orleans accent is extremely hard to shake. I haven’t personally met him, but I’ve listed to his interviews and it’s hard to focus with that accent man. It’s so attractive.

August is most known for his single “I Luv This Sh*t.” Listen to it below and let me know what you think. 

~Jaleesa Lashay~ 

P.S. you’re welcome. 

(Photo by Bleu Magazine)

New Music Video: 3005

Childish Gambino has released the official music video to one of my personal favorites “3005,” off his album “Because the Internet,” and the man is for sure a creative. I mean, you just have to appreciate that there is a thought process that goes into his music videos and they aren’t just random like the rest of the stuff that we see on television sometimes. 

If you haven’t already heard the song, you’re losing, but if you’re a guy I guess I understand. This one is definitely for the ladies, as Gambino raps/sings (auto-tune) about being the love of your life until 3005. The video goes perfect, as it features him on a ferris wheel with a teddy bear. The ride represents the cycle of love that he sings about, and viewers watch as the teddy bear, and the rest of the couples in the video grow old together until the world ends. 

I do know that my explanation probably didn’t give it any justice, so just watch it below and let me know what you think. 

~ Jaleesa Lashay ~ 

(Photo By Eli Watson)