Hair Rules: Winter Edition

There comes a point in every hair-naturalistas life, where we have to experience a little snip snip. Don’t be scurrred ladies. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I know nobody wants to see their hard earned work get snipped off but I’m going to explain to you the benefits of getting your ends clipped ESPECIALLY in the winter.

Women with curly or kinky hair tend to have dryer hair. The oil that we naturally produce from our scalps, has a harder time making it down to the ends of our hair. That’s why we are more prone to hair breakage and split ends. Have you come to a point where your hair just doesn’t seem to want to grow any further? Well my advice is to snip those ends!

By snipping your hair or “dusting”, you eliminate the chances of a spilt end splitting further, or hair breakage due to dry ends tangling and knotting together. If you have spilt or dry damaged ends, you WILL NOT see any long term growth. Your hair will continue to split until it reaches the root and then the entire strand will shed. To avoid that, every 3 months I’ve been doing the DUSTING METHOD!

Dusting your ends is definitely something YOU CAN DO YOURSELF. I like doing it myself because I have complete control over how much is being snipped rather than putting it in someone else’s hands and coming out with a bob. You’ll want to do this on clean, DRY hair with little to no product in it! You’ll also need to purchase hair scissors. This is very important. Using anything other than professional hair cutting scissors may be more harmful than helpful on your ends!


  • Section your hair into about 4 sections.
  • Do about 4-5 twist on each section, or as many as you feel you’ll need to get a good look at all of your ends.
  • Taking your hair scissors, you’ll want to take as little as possible of your ends and snip them off.
  • You can dive right in and snip off all of the damaged ends, but dusting focuses on the very ends of your hair. So just try to snip off as little as possible. We’re dusting, not trimming!

Using this method will definitely help in retaining the length of your hair, and also the overall health of each strand!


Try it or Trash It: Turban

The Turban. It’s a new look that I have been seeing a lot of women rock lately, and while I haven’t perfected it, I would like to. I mean, this is a cute style that you could do when you’re going to the mall, or even just to hang out with your girls. You could incorporate your favorite color, different patterns, and when done correctly, it is actually quite fashionable. 

I recommend pairing the cute style with some blue jeans and a solid color top. Throw on a pair of your favorite pumps, and some nice accessories and there you have it. Now, I know that this look may not be for everyone, so let me know. 

Would you Try it or Trash it? 

~Jaleesa Lashay~

(Photo by Love Fashion Blog)

Fashion Report: Plaid is Here to Stay!

Remember those days when your mother use to struggle to get you into your school uniform? “No mom! I want to wear my regular clothes like the cool kids” you probably shouted and whined. Well, those days are over because every girl and boy is raiding their closet for their vintage 1997 red and green printed uniform that they used to dread.

All the girls are pairing their school girl skirts with crop tops, chokers, fishnet tights and chunky leather boots to give it a touch of bad girl RiRi’s style.

I love this trend because it can be dressed for the office as Rita Ora so effortlessly displays or can be worn to the club by cropping your t-shirt top and eliminating your tights. H&M, FOREVER 21 and ZARA have different variations of this easy breezy trend. Tell us…how would you wear it?

Also, check out some photos below of my favorite plaid skirts and looks.

~ Ashley Lauren Dalton ~

(Photo Credits Listed Below)

Try it or Trash It: Hunter Boots

Now everyone knows that women love rain boots. It’s kind of the way that we can make a fashion statement, even in the rain or during a snowstorm. Some women prefer those by high designers, and others prefer girly, cute reasonable ones from local stores. 

I am definitely one of those women that have a few pairs, and I will say that my Hunter boots are my favorite. The classic black boots which are priced at $140 are extremely comfortable, and even have stylish socks you can purchase to make them slightly more customized. 

Now, if the price is worth it, is for you to determine as mine were a gift. However, I do think that if you’re going to invest in some boots, these are one of your best choices. Let me know what you think. 

Would you Try It or Trash It? 

~Jaleesa Lashay~

(Photo by Matt JP)